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the workshop last night went pretty well. it was a small group of 5 so everyone got a toy from my stash to bend and it kept the group to a manageable size for me. everyone got to go home with a finished bentstrument toy. except olchar (sorry!) who experienced the dark half of the glamorous life of circuit bending - failure and frustration. although it was totally not his fault, crappy keyboards and stripped screws are the bane of any bender. last night was when i acutely realized no one else knows circuits like colin LBJ challender (the LBJ stands for Lyndon B. Johnson {the B stands for Baines}). **cue violins** and not only is his friendship dearly missed but his technically expertise and enthusiasm for the art of circuit bending. damn you south korea! anyways here are some photos

the set up - soldering irons, solder, wire strippers, wire, strippers, safety glasses, glasses, alligator clips, alligators, assorted screw drivers, glitch hikers guide the galaxy #1, and electric animals go sleepy bye-byes and other byoots

all hands hard at work

warren added a photocell to this dollar store keyboard that i seriously must have been holding onto for 2 years. it comes with a fan and im glad it has finally been put to good use.

jen took the toy i wanted to bend, but because she did such a good job ill let her keep it....for now. she added a pitch pot to the drum toy, bringing its total octave range from shrill headache to mechanical whale.

not pictured was lnys awesome bend of a pink glittery cell phone toy i got from a cvs a while ago, and philippes bending of the pink beeper that came with it.

this is warren and lenny making some noise with their bent toys

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i like the new look and the korean