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Music Video

"How High the Sky, How Far the Moon?"

from Electric Animals Go Sleepy Bye-Byes and Other Byoots

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I am working on a new album! It will be released under All Over the Where. The details again are spectacularly fuzzy. I thought you might enjoy these sacred relics though.

The "Blue Collar Sessions" CD is the first aspirations for glory. It is a live album. The initial session includes Faeli on Guitar, Jango on Drums, Me on Keyboards, and Reid on Bass.
The Second Session is included and has Bujak and Jesse thrown into the mix on guitar, drums, and maybe keysboards I think.

It is a poorly recorded album but the quality is there in the heart of the music. The album also includes "The Lost Track" - a track that wasn't recorded on Reid's computer but was captured on my cassette recorder! This album was ultra-limitedly released. It is a gift from Reid to me and consists of one CD. There have many illicit copies and who cares.

It is called the Blue Collar Session because all or most of us were wearing blue collared shirts at the time.

The "Wires and Adapters" CD is the 2nd release and the first release that captures the direction we have been heading in from the beginning. It has a wide array of sounds, mostly recorded on "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" 4 track recorder and some on my hunker cassette recorder or the dictation machine. Our wildest dreams are on this CD in audio format. It includes songs that tell a short story about chipmunks that end up drunk driving, a love song for the bottom of a lake, a song for wallowing when the donkey lost, and a song for the judicial trial of a milkweed bug, just to name a few. Another gift of a release from Reid to me - there is only one actual released copy of this album with plenty of other copies made for those who are interested.

Rend A Clonic Hell was never released:

Before my first solo album, "Rock Me Hardplace" was released, this was another potential album cover and name. "Rend A Clonic Hell" is an anagram of my name. Another one is "A Chill Clone Nerd" but was saving that one for a follow up album. Well the anagram album was altered and was eventually released as "Rock Me Hard Place" The release included 50 CDs. Each one has original art work inside as well as a number and a WOB (Word of Booklet). I still have number 1. My WOB is "Whippersnapper." This CD was still a collaboration with Reid because of the circuit bending sampling that was a main base for the album. It is considered an All Over the Where release.

The album was released at a halloween costume party, which was fitting. The charge for the album is anything you want, an idea which Radiohead stole from me for their new album, which I haven't listen to yet... I ended up making almost enough money back to pay for the party so it was worth it. The album got a great response. The artwork for the outside covers looks like this:

As with all of these you can print this out and copy your own All Over the Where album. I will send copies of the songs for each album and maybe even more artwork by email if you contact me about it!

The hit song from this album, Marsupial Moonshine, is still on my myspace page: El Colin .You can see the drawing it was based off of in the artwork. Sam and I had a bet whether a Tasmanian Devil was a marsupial. I won saying 'of course it is' and Sam had to make me a drawing, but I fulfilled my song side of the bet anyway, inspired by the drawing.

After the "Rock Me Hardplace" album (which is me between a rock and a hardplace if you didn't notice,) there was a stretch of focusing on creating new instruments and experimenting on circuit bending that took All Over the Where to a new level.

We developed "The Frog Opera" over months with some new and old instruments. There are a number of Frog Opera recordings, but the one that was released was "The Frog Opera: Live at Lovemonster's" This CD is a Live CD of the performance at Lovemonster's house in December of 2006. There is a video of the end of the second to last movement and the last movement, or 'song' here:

It is really poorly documented video wise. There is not enough light to see what is going on but The person most shown is me, Reid is in there somewhere. This was the wrap up of the whole "Opera" that turned out to be a hip hop track called "Bringin' it Back".

The "Frog Opera" has a 'booklet' that was given to the audience with a concise description of the performance:
Act 1
-Life on the Surface
-Stuck in the Mud
-The Great Storm
Act 2
-The Whale in My Pond
-Bringin' it Back

Above is a picture of the setup. "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" 4Track is working as a mixer and recorder. All of the audio is pumping out of the large bass amp. We were working with multiple circuit bent instruments, including a new invention of the summer I will post about at a later date. We switched tapes on the last song to a prerecorded. circuit bent, casio beat, and recorded out rap live. The rest of the performance is fully live. The high five before the last song is for not recording over the prerecorded tape we were about to rap over. Although "Bringin' it Back" was planned into "The Frog Opera" long before the performance, we did not write the song until the day of the performance. Although there were some mistakes in flow on my part, I still claim the overall performance of this song could not have been beat for the time and place. The rest of the 'opera' was executed perfectly and spontaneously but save the end of "The Whale in My Pond", mo more of it was caught on tape.

There was another very limited release of CDs for 'The Frog Opera'. About 5 were traded for other pieces of art at a gallery exhibition Reid and I performed at. There were about 5 others made personally for friends who were there through most of the process. These are two of the custom collaged covers. All of the covers included a frog and a whale and some other elements of the 'Opera':

If those of you who have the other copies of "The Frog Opera" could scan them and send the images back to us, it would be greatly appreciated. The same goes with the El Colin CD artwork. You will be rewarded for your cooperation in this matter. Ha ha ha ha (evil laugh).

The last album released is documented on the blog. Right before I left for Korea, with even more new breakthroughs in circuit bending and instrument building and song development, "Electric Animals Go Sleepy Bye-Byes and Other Byoots" is the perfect transition to a new era of All Over the Where. The description of the original release is here. Byoots stands for beauties. It is a transition album from Wires and Adapters into the new release coming soon. Again This album is inspired by, and inspires, dreams.

The CD is a 50 album release so far with other copies being made by request. The album art can be downloaded and printed. The artwork was copied at my previous employers and each CD was simply folded into the piece of paper the artwork was printed onto. If folded properly you can fold the side flaps into each other, securing the CD in the paper. The other songs on my myspace page are from the 'byoots' album.

An unreleased version of the studio "Frog Opera" song "The Whale in my Pond" can currently be found at the All Over the Where myspace page as well as two other unreleased awesomes.

There will be a sort of audio 'teaser trailer' of the new album appearing on the blog soon. The other audio is definitely worth checking out for now. Keep updated and email me :
elcolin (at)
for copies of previous albums and artwork,copies of unreleased songs, and the like.


Strobe Light Tremolo

I got a free volume pedal from Build Your Own Clone and decided to try modify it somehow. I attached a photocell to the volume pot so now the volume can be controlled either by the pot or a light source. This may seem like a pretty silly thing to put on a volume pedal but my reasons are two fold. One is to allow ambient light effect the volume of particular instruments (for when it gets warm again and I move my set up outdoors) and the second is to try and make a strobe light/vactrol powered tremolo. Here is the video:

As you can hear the main the issue Im having is the clicking or clipping sound that happens when the volume cuts out. Not to sure how to fix that. Trimpots and resistors come to mind but I think the problem is the strobe light itself so the next test I am going to do will be with a vactrol and a pulse circuit. More to come.