sir cut bent in strum ants hacked elect ran ick die vices pro jacks ex pair ah mints i daes etc



I am not sure what happened when I wired it, but the speaker is also a microphone now as well!
It made a crazy feedback that I have never heard the likes of through the Awesomeator


reids circuit bending challenge

this is the yard sale where i got these toys...

a my music maker keyboard, a toy cassette tape player, and a odd barbie keyboard dance mat thing for a buck fifty

the barbie dance mat keyboard proved useless so i went for the good ol music maker

for the final product i added a pitch bend...

body contacts...

a switch to turn on/off...

the photocell

all with a 1/8 inch output automatic shut off

the finished bent challenger, somtime around 1 or 2am

its threee am! all is done, ill edit the movies tomorrow. happy circuit bending challenge day!!!


El Colin and the Circuit Bending Challenge

This is a day that will go down in history for me. I am tired, burned, bloodied, and so happy that it doesn't matter.

I have two videos that will explain most of my ups and downs today.

There rest I will try to put in words and show you some pictures.

I just recently moved to South Korea. It is hard for me to find the things I need sometimes and I don't have everything I need for circuit bending yet.

At first, I wasn't able to find anything.

I found some proof it is the 28th.

I found this keyboard but it wasn't very exciting.

I bought a blue version of this guitar a week ago. I was wary to buy it but the rules said find one today! So I bought this one. I like pink better anyway. Experience the sweetness feel to flying the music sea! I decided to go with the guitar, mainly because of that saying.

There is a pretty simple, black-blob circuit, with a cap and a resistor.

I found this hunker in the street the first day I was here.

I tried replacing the cap with other caps, a transistor, and what I think is a mega transistor, but I still don't know.

The mega transistor is super money! It makes everything perfect.

My modest set up with the few supplies I have collected (see the video for more details.)

I went to the stationary store two blocks away to find body contacts.

I couldn't cut the 'Supa-clip' so I had to go back to the store. I tried to cut smaller clips. I eventually gave up and used little binder ring things.

Everything goes wrong as soon as I decide to start finalizing everything. I ripped part of the circuit board out of the black-blob. Luckily, I had the same guitar from a week ago. (Circuit "Bending" the rules a little.)

The aftermath.

From the ashes of the dead, a godly creature springs forth to create happiness.

The Monster.

Below are the Videos. The Challenge video is everything leading up to the end product. It is about 10 minutes long. It is fun and shows me freaking out and having a blast and talking to you; a video diary of sorts. The outcome video is the final performance before midnight. It is an awesome little guitar and I am happy even though it is so terribly planned out. I have made some nice instruments before but this one has a special place in my heart. Thanks Circuit Bending Challenge! I can't wait to see what everyone else ended up with.

Reid, I wish you were here for this.

Video of "The Challenge"

Video of "The Outcome"

The guitar sounds great. The cigar box pedal in the beginning of the clip (The Awesomeator - see the earlier blog post) actually makes the same sound that the guitar does. It has something to do with the transistors and radio signals. Twice I got a Yankees game to come on through my Awesomeator!!!!! I can't wait to play this guitar using the Awesomator as a pedal for it; that will be spectacular. It would keep me up all night though and I need to go to work tomorrow, so good night and for the rest of you still working, good luck and have fun. I look forward to seeing the results of this most excellent day.

Check out the other benders here :



Need I Say More?

Keep posted today for progress.



alloverthewhere dot org

i just did some crappy ach tee am elling to get the all over the where site back up again. i definitely spent wayyy to long trying to get that color fade.

i also finally got the glitch hikers guide to the galaxy up on the vvvvvv.
as i say on aotw i suck at graphic design and html and didnt know how to present it in a easy user friendly way. it ended up being a 950kb file that is 800 pixels tall and you scroll sideways to see. if you know of a better way to present it so people can actually use it please let me know. anyways, hurrah for the free exchange of information and sharing of ideas. it really does make my heart glow happiness when i see soldering irons on peoples desks and circuit boards strewn about.

oh, and on oct 28 is the international circuit bending challenge. im doing it, who else is in? if we work together, it will be better!


Experience the Sweetness Feel to Flying the Music Sea!

I bought a new toy guitar that wants to remind everyone of the sweetness feel to flying the music sea. Also, I performed live on stage with the Hero guitar this weekend! It was awesome. The Korean crowd was diggin' it. A video will be up soon.


Glitch Suit

Here are some video experiments/sketches I did a few days ago. These are just the first tests, there will be more to come, hopefully with better content. All the footage is from past projects I had lying around, just recycling old videos. The dancing thing I do apologize for cause I look like an ass but that was point of that particular project. I was doing a reinterpretation or response to The Perfect Human and as seen from the The Five Obstructions. I filmed the head torso and legs of myself dancing and had them on three stacked tvs so it was life size. Anyway, my eventual goal for this idea is to have all the original footage replaced with keyed out videos. Posterize the video into 4 colors, photoshop each frame four times (once for each color) to create a mask for each color and then re composite them back together so every color is now replaced by a different video. Sorta like animating with multiple layers of videos. Kinda hard to explain but once I photoshop a few thousand frames youll get to see the final result.

the white version with one layer (black) keyed out

The glitch version with two layers keyed out

oh and the song in the white one is crystal castles "February" and the other song is professor murder "free stress test"

check for more videos and descriptions.


Katamari Chorus

While searching for images to make Colins Katamari Damacy themed chorus pedal, titled Katamari Chorus or King of All Chorus here are some interesting things I found.

a top 5 list

a New Criticism (Marxist, Post-Structuralist, Feminist, etc) critique of Katamari Damacy. Part 2, Part 3.

a nice quote from the games creator Keita Takahashi:

'Everyday life is full of many fun and stimulating things. The feeling of just riding a bicycle or the sensation of sand on bare feet when you walk along a beach […] the happy feeling you get when you just decide to skip, or the increase in heartbeat when you decide to stop in the middle of a road crossing. You couldn’t really say that they're punk rock things, but all of them are stimulating, and all of them help to make you realize that everyday life can be quite fun as well. Things like these have ended up making me think that you don't necessarily need games to have fun, and you possibly don't even need games at all,' (2005)

and an amazing croquet pattern to create your own little prince.

act now while supplies last

Go to Jeffrey Thompsons ArtForum Ad Project and buy yourself a 3/16' inch of real estate. Also, tell your 3,900 friends they can buy a square as well.



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

wish i could wear this to the parade


Colab got its website up!

fiffe created it and its looks amazing, so go check it out if your wandering around the world wide interweb anytime soon.


Eel on Hold

because it is so hard to hold on.

reel to reel stereo tape recorder archeology

or sketches with a tape recorder
or tape recorder reconfiguration remix
or How To Remix A Tape Recorder

start out frustrated (see previous post)
get archaeological
take apart tape recorder
save every screw, washer, nut, plastic, metal piece possible
salvage as many electronic components as possible
think about all the other metal parts in the machine
wonder what you can do with them
think about tim hawkinson, tom friedman, and dieter roth
try to dissasemble entire apparatus and cataloge each part
or reconstruct the entire tape machine inside out
get frustrated again with metal dust, stripped screws, grease, and cuts
drop that idea and salvage what metal pieces you can
layout all metal pieces, screws, and assorted gears
take parts and reconfigure them, using only parts from the machine, into new things
tiny sculpture thoughts, three dimensional drawings, purely aesthetic/design oriented thinking
take apart sculptures and re-reconfigure them to make new ones
add rare earth magnets for extra fun
put in box
clean up
go to sleep

in the beginning

looks like a face

guts in a box

guts out of the box

magnet and screws

again, magnet and screws

the last one, magnet and screw person

random reconfiguration

random reconfiguration

random reconfiguration

there are a few more but im really tired and my camera sucks so i will post them later. i really like playing with the rare earth magnets and the screws. i really do enjoy making small things, robots, objects, whatever. and using magnets could be a lot of fun.


car ant lee and a quest john


and seriously, WHOS GONNA MAKE THIS HAPPEN????


colins last bend in the brunz - syn(th)ister

this was a keyboard colin was holding on to for a while. as is the nature of so many of the weird objects lying around our old apartment, we dont know where it came from. maybe we found it, or maybe it found us. in the last few days we were in new brunswick colin bent it into a crazy howling monster of a keyboard. there wasnt much to find in terms of glitch but after experimenting with the amplification circuit, colin hit feedback gold. the thing sounds absolutely sinister with a distortion/overdrive pot, and a harshasfuck feedback switch. there is also a glitch button but that ended up being as useful as an appendix. the video is of colin playing a lil ditty on our ol'back porch.



why do people throw out awesome old electronics like this stero tape recorder and tape deck and CUT OFF THE POWER CHORDS??!?!! this is the third time this has happened to me. the feeling undeniable joy from a great find during a midnight bulk waste run, and the subsequent crushed hopes and dreams of a cut power chord. makes me want to throw this tape deck through their frickin window! is there some sort of unwritten rule of homeowner assholes that says before you throw out tvs, vcrs, audio equipment, or anything else of potential value, that you have to ruin it and make sure no one else can use it??? so selfish! so frustrating! is there a way to fix this without electrocuting myself or creating a fire hazard? how can we raise public awareness about the importance and simple joys of trash picking. so many questions...i must make a psa.



the workshop last night went pretty well. it was a small group of 5 so everyone got a toy from my stash to bend and it kept the group to a manageable size for me. everyone got to go home with a finished bentstrument toy. except olchar (sorry!) who experienced the dark half of the glamorous life of circuit bending - failure and frustration. although it was totally not his fault, crappy keyboards and stripped screws are the bane of any bender. last night was when i acutely realized no one else knows circuits like colin LBJ challender (the LBJ stands for Lyndon B. Johnson {the B stands for Baines}). **cue violins** and not only is his friendship dearly missed but his technically expertise and enthusiasm for the art of circuit bending. damn you south korea! anyways here are some photos

the set up - soldering irons, solder, wire strippers, wire, strippers, safety glasses, glasses, alligator clips, alligators, assorted screw drivers, glitch hikers guide the galaxy #1, and electric animals go sleepy bye-byes and other byoots

all hands hard at work

warren added a photocell to this dollar store keyboard that i seriously must have been holding onto for 2 years. it comes with a fan and im glad it has finally been put to good use.

jen took the toy i wanted to bend, but because she did such a good job ill let her keep it....for now. she added a pitch pot to the drum toy, bringing its total octave range from shrill headache to mechanical whale.

not pictured was lnys awesome bend of a pink glittery cell phone toy i got from a cvs a while ago, and philippes bending of the pink beeper that came with it.

this is warren and lenny making some noise with their bent toys