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Mass Ive Up Date

In the world right now:
El Colin in El Korea (SOUTH Korea)
Being awesome by the Pacific
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I am residing at home in Montclair NJ
Here is a cheapanorama of my room turned studio.

It used to be covered in magazine pictures and other angst ridden teenage memorabilia and is now a nice white so I can start to put new crap on it.

I am working for a public access television station Montclair34 and will hopefully soon be assistant station manager for South Orange Maple Wood TV as well.
In a month or so I will be making a TV SHOW which will air locally. If you have any video that would like to see on TV...well technically you can only see it on TV if you live in Montclair, so more realistically, if you have any video that you want to tell people was on TV, send me an email and I will send you the details.

Earlier this month Co-Lab threw Resonate, which had to be one of the biggest, most legit, and fun events in recent memory. Visual art, poetry, 2 bands (Tin Kitchen and The Assistant Principals), 2 kegs, CAKE!!!!, and 250+ plus people all in the beautifully lit backyard scenery of New Brunswick.

Me and Doug did live projections for the bands as a warm up for our gig for Natural Breakdowns record release party at the Cross Roads theater. That show was amazing and given that we had one weeks notice, went down without a hitch. The two main photos on their site show our work in the background. Will have some clips of that up on the interweb shortly. Doug is a VJ genius working video alchemy on the constant, so were going to start doing projection gigs as much as we can. If you want something beautiful psychedelic and smart behind your band or at your event please contact Invisible Visuals by emailing me or Doug O'Neil.

This Thursday check out the opening of a show LNY is curating at Sarah Wellingtons gallery Space II III IV called
High Tech Low Tech

Thats it for now. Massive change is happening all around. Adjustments are being made and updates will be on the regular now.


A Goldenchild in Troubled Times

A composition for the first bend I finished on a keyboard.
The Casio SA-35 was my first musical instrument when I was young. I didn't really get any other instruments, aside from toy drums. I kept it with me all through my life and then I met Reid, who taught me how to make things awesome. The first SA-35 died in the basement of 88-B in a tragic short circuiting, but not before showing us the glorious potential locked inside. Lovechild was made weeks later after a lucky Ebay find. Lovechild went down after an outdoor performance at Demarest but its guts were transfered to what is now, the near-invincible Goldenchild, half machine, half god. Later, me and reid discovered that the way we bent this thing should have killed it for good, but it lives on, like a phoenix out of the ashes, it will never die... we love it too much to give it up.