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A Goldenchild in Troubled Times

A composition for the first bend I finished on a keyboard.
The Casio SA-35 was my first musical instrument when I was young. I didn't really get any other instruments, aside from toy drums. I kept it with me all through my life and then I met Reid, who taught me how to make things awesome. The first SA-35 died in the basement of 88-B in a tragic short circuiting, but not before showing us the glorious potential locked inside. Lovechild was made weeks later after a lucky Ebay find. Lovechild went down after an outdoor performance at Demarest but its guts were transfered to what is now, the near-invincible Goldenchild, half machine, half god. Later, me and reid discovered that the way we bent this thing should have killed it for good, but it lives on, like a phoenix out of the ashes, it will never die... we love it too much to give it up.

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