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Noise Toy, Old Toy

Early this month I finally got around to making a Noise Toy from Loud Objects.

It was a super easy build, no more than ten minutes to make (gotta let the soldering iron heat up) and is incredibly fun to play with. Jen and my housemates however probably disagree after several hours of this:

The best part is you can reprogram the chip to make your noise. Check the Noise Toy sites programming hall of fame for some DMB(!!). While they recommend this kit, you have to pay in euros and that sucks, so I am wondering if I can use this and modify it or find one thats 5 pin for as cheap.

Also, while cleaning up junk at my parents house I found this:

It was (I use past tense because I scrapped it for parts) a hand held magnetic tape scratcher. I put the body of a cassette tape player in a cassette tape case, used a small toy mic to hold the tape head, and apparently didnt do a damn thing about the battery holder.


Way back in 2nd grade...

Way back in April I helped Terminal Reynaldo film a music video on a totally boss sound stage in Manhattan.

The director Chris Holt got the hook up with the space and the band asked me to help with some projection and set design. I had a bunch of O-Scopes and video type writers I had borrowed from Benton-C, so I brought those over to help make some control panels for this 70's space race themed video. Its incredible how with the right camera angle and lighting a bunch of old A/V gear can look like a spaceship control panel. Obviously this photo does not do the set designer's brilliant work justice but when video is finished you will see what I mean.

I also ended up doing some on the spot soldering of LEDs to make some blinky lights for the space port thing. The set designer Chris brought (I feel terrible but I forgot his name) truely did some incredible on the spot work to turn a few pieces of wood into a believable (to the camera!) space ship.

The rest of the time I helped out on set and did rear projection/projection on the band. We were supposed to some projection mapping on the bands instruments but sadly, there just were not enough hours in the day. Will post the video when its finished, I am truly excited to see how it comes out.


Cellular Automata Delay

Sometime in April after all these shows Eric called me and was like "I got these circuits I need built by tomorrow can you help me?" and I was like "awesome." After a nine hour over nighter we had a Cellular Automata Video toy with audio wired to a GetLoFi Delay kit. Sadly, I have this problem of not taking enough photos, or just not taking any photos at all when Ive been working really hard on something. Especially before during or after all nighters. So this is why I dont have a single digital image of NYCEMF, Bent Fest, and of this totally awesome circuit we made. There will be more on this later because once Eric gets it back to my place in BK I am going to house it in a Nintendo and mod the hell out of it. Here are some photos of the build process with the GetLoFi Delay.


Bent Fest part 2

Picking up where Colin left off...

On Saturday I heard Tom Bailey give a talk about digital sampling and the Wheres The Party At sampler he just finished. Besides being really nice and a brilliant electrical engineer, he is an incredible speaker, somehow discussing these really complex electrical concepts in a way I can understand (read: peppered with curses, pop culture references, and excessive hand gestures). At the moment the kit for WTPA is staring me in the face....sooooooooooon it will be built.

After that I took part in one of the best workshops I have ever been too. Rob Hordijk, a synth master audio science genious who litterally wrote the book on the Nord Synthesizer, gave a workshop for building a small circuit called the min-Rungler. The circuit was designed and made by him, based of chaos theory, and is available no where else. This man builds Blippoo Boxes for over 600 euros a piece, and this work shop was 30.00. It was one of those drool inducing once in a lifetime sorta things for an electronics geek like me. Which like the true electronicrack addict I am completely ditched my best friend (SORRY RYAN!), missed all the shows (SORRY BENT!) and didnt eat (SORRY STOMACH!) for. Luckily Moiz showed up to Bent and we took the workshop together.

The circuit itself is so full of potential I cannot even begin to grasp it all. It has 3 outputs, a triangle wave, stepped, and pulsed, has potential connections to the computer, can be used to drive real modular synthesizers, and has a whole bunch more features I cannot even begin to grasp. It may be a while before I understand it all but I am using this circuit as a platform to learn about op amps and audio synthesis.

After a hectic de-install and ride back to BK, Bent Fest was done. Bent Fest 09 was an incredible experience, thank you to the organizers, artists, and friends who came out!

much more will posted soon!


Noisy Sunday

Played a show on the Seventh of June. It was awesome. Here are a few picture's of Mike's set up and mine. Watch the video to listen to the whole show live. It was recorded from my camera on the milkcrate setup. It was dark, the video was mostly unintersting so I threw some effects on it and encoded a secret message in it. Good Luck:

Where Will You Spend Eternity? from All Over The Where on Vimeo.