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Noise Toy, Old Toy

Early this month I finally got around to making a Noise Toy from Loud Objects.

It was a super easy build, no more than ten minutes to make (gotta let the soldering iron heat up) and is incredibly fun to play with. Jen and my housemates however probably disagree after several hours of this:

The best part is you can reprogram the chip to make your noise. Check the Noise Toy sites programming hall of fame for some DMB(!!). While they recommend this kit, you have to pay in euros and that sucks, so I am wondering if I can use this and modify it or find one thats 5 pin for as cheap.

Also, while cleaning up junk at my parents house I found this:

It was (I use past tense because I scrapped it for parts) a hand held magnetic tape scratcher. I put the body of a cassette tape player in a cassette tape case, used a small toy mic to hold the tape head, and apparently didnt do a damn thing about the battery holder.