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Way back in 2nd grade...

Way back in April I helped Terminal Reynaldo film a music video on a totally boss sound stage in Manhattan.

The director Chris Holt got the hook up with the space and the band asked me to help with some projection and set design. I had a bunch of O-Scopes and video type writers I had borrowed from Benton-C, so I brought those over to help make some control panels for this 70's space race themed video. Its incredible how with the right camera angle and lighting a bunch of old A/V gear can look like a spaceship control panel. Obviously this photo does not do the set designer's brilliant work justice but when video is finished you will see what I mean.

I also ended up doing some on the spot soldering of LEDs to make some blinky lights for the space port thing. The set designer Chris brought (I feel terrible but I forgot his name) truely did some incredible on the spot work to turn a few pieces of wood into a believable (to the camera!) space ship.

The rest of the time I helped out on set and did rear projection/projection on the band. We were supposed to some projection mapping on the bands instruments but sadly, there just were not enough hours in the day. Will post the video when its finished, I am truly excited to see how it comes out.

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