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New Release

Electric Animals Go Sleepy Bye-Byes and Other Byoots
This is the new release from All Over the Where. 9 beauties (byoots) totaling 31 minutes and 21 seconds. The disc includes some new material and old recordings that fate brought together. The idea for this release was to be completely free! Spread the Love. The discs are CD-R's I received for X-mas, the photocopies for the booklet/casing were done at an unnamed place of someone's employment. The rest is just a big idea. Instead of charging for the CD I started a log of thoughts. I was actually charging 'a penny or your thoughts' but either people were cheap asses or didn't have a penny on them. In reality, one thought is as priceless as any, so I am happy to trade a disc of the new release to get an idea of what is on someone's mind. Below is a crappy scan of the cover art that is folded around the CD to create the booklet, and the casing.

It tried to scan some of the thoughts but my scanner sucks so I gave up. Here are some of them:

number 1:

Jaime was some

the shock of corruption
in a utopian system of

i don' t think I've ever
been as

working toward a point

what happened to suburban

my mom told me about
tina turner on VH1
and I was dancing

the lady on the beach
had no clothing on
so I covered her with
and ran to the smoking
man to tell him dont
hurt yourself by my
mom told me "no!" at
the Garden State Mall.

number 2:

I wonder everyday
if everyone is hungry
when they wake up
in the morning.

number 3:
(i think some of them have to be scanned)

number 4:

number 5:

number 6:

number 7:
(i wasn't planning to put these on the blog, but somehow lny knew)

number 8:

number 9:

I would put more thought into this but i have work now. Till next time...