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Cellular Automata Delay

Sometime in April after all these shows Eric called me and was like "I got these circuits I need built by tomorrow can you help me?" and I was like "awesome." After a nine hour over nighter we had a Cellular Automata Video toy with audio wired to a GetLoFi Delay kit. Sadly, I have this problem of not taking enough photos, or just not taking any photos at all when Ive been working really hard on something. Especially before during or after all nighters. So this is why I dont have a single digital image of NYCEMF, Bent Fest, and of this totally awesome circuit we made. There will be more on this later because once Eric gets it back to my place in BK I am going to house it in a Nintendo and mod the hell out of it. Here are some photos of the build process with the GetLoFi Delay.

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