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In the Ultra Zone!

Here is a quick run down of the crazyness that has been of late:

Colin got onto a Tiger Claw Records compilation called Do Not Bend 2. Check it out here. Download it here
yaay Colin!

We got the Alchemy installation into the New York Electroacoustic Music Festival which runs from Apr 2-4. I have a strong feeling I will spend another birthday soldering...and drinking beer...

We also applied the Alchemy installation to Bent Fest 2009 **fingers crossed**

The NASA show was truly a fantastic party, thanks to everyone who came out supported!!! Video will be posted in a week or so as well as an Instructables about the crazy projector mounting system Chris Jordan taught me. You can check the write up (no pictures) on the NASA blog. I now have the power to mount a projector or camera onto a n y t h i n g ! At the event Eric Drasin and I did remixes of Zardoz, 60s space movies, and vector graphic 80s arcade games. Colin will have to post all his 3d models and documentation of his totally rad audio modulating space suit. The Awesomeator was already awesome, but now it looks astronomically awesome with a new chrome/silver exterior.

And today at work I decided that instead of sitting around on gmail or blogs I will learn Processing.


NASA Space Camp

NASA Space Camp

Colin is building a space suit complete with audio modulation and wireless vdo transmission. Eric Drasin and I are doing live visuals all night. There will be dancing, portals, temporary tatoos, DJs, beer, haircuts, VJs, bands, face painting, teleportation stations, pedal powered waterfalls and MORE! Come come come! Bring your dancing moon shoes.