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I got accepted to be a collaborator for Interactivos? at Eyebeam and started the intense two week workshop this past Friday. I dont have a sufficient command of the English language to begin to describe how incredible it has been, so I will just post a few bad photos, some captions, and some links to the talented people I get to work with.

The project I am working on is Sound Metal, proposed by Dan Wilcox. That wooden thing is a Crackle Box, an incredible electronic instrument designed in the 70s in the Netherlands.

After the first day Dan and I went down to the South Street Seaport to see King Kahn and the Shrines and A Place to Bury Strangers. King Kahn rocked my face off while A Place... was loud, noisy, and intense in a whole different way. The seaport does shows well: free, in a great location, no tickets needed, just walk up and rock out.

The second day at Interactivos, there was more working and a presentation by Taeyoon Choi of Charlie, the image digesting, tourist duck. In this photo you can see Justin trying to explain what is going on to a parks patrolman.

At the end of the day 30 of us went to a tapas bar on 14th street somewhere. I ordered the worst dish on the menu. What I thought was going to be like bruschetta ended up being ketchup and garlic on toast.

I didnt get to take many photos today because of the rain, but after our soccer game got rained out we hit up this fantastic bar/cafe in dumbo called rebar. Inside I found a painting by Pasqualina Azzarello who was my teacher several years ago. After watching the 2008 Eurocup, 10 of us, with several upset Germans, piled in Rory's sweet station wagon to try and see David Byrne's Playing the Building. Sadly it was closed when we go there, so we went to Battery Park to finally play some soccer. At the park there was a festival going on so we had some awesome salsa music as a sound track to our game.

Here is a short list of links to the amazing people who are running, have projects in, or are collaborators for Interactivos?

zachary lieberman
friedrich kirschner
taeyoon choi
john lui
sunghim kim
aichen lin
Dan Wilcox
patrick grizzard
lee von kraus
tobi x
leanne wagner
tine papendick
andrew mahon
Justin Downs

**will convert to actual links soon!**


bragging + blogging = blagging

I just got FREE Sonic Youth tickets for July 4th!!!!!!!

I tried to get more to share but it sold out as I was filling out the form!



holy grapefruit its 3:42am

and i wake up in 5 hours and 12 minutes for work...

i have been working with indexhibit all evening and FINALLY got it to work!!

i really like the ease of use (after you get through 5 hours of install/setup problems) and the incredibly simple and clear organization.

i dont like that i dont know enough about html or php or mySQL or a million other things to really customize it and make it my own.

im thinking, if its possible, maybe have the site twice, one way as the indexhibit version and the other version done with my caveman html skilllz.

eitherway, if you see the site, i just threw up old stuff from 06, so enjoy your swiss wedge savior,



finally got something on
as it says, its a temporary place holder, and it points you back here
but there will be more in the weeks to come!

old photos



this may sound sad, but for the past several months i have been trying to figure out how to make gifs in adobe image ready. i FINALLY figured it out and made a gif of these stop signs colin and i stickered a while back. (pictures by colin)