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The New Album

The new album is set to be released on the extra-est day of the year; February 29th! 2008.

A day that only happens once every four years is the key to unlocking greatness. It is the day my hero and cousin, Daniel Nester, was born and will be the day the new album is released.

The name of the album has yet to be discovered...

As a teaser trailer of sorts, to the album, here are a few of the song names in a semi-particular order:

The Wee Ones at the Base of Mount Dreamy Plans
Fable for the Future
Motorboat Rainbow
The Day the Fieldworkers Were Forever Frightened
Simultaneous Singular Migration
The Mad Machine

There will be a few more songs added, possibly some taken away, surprises and wonder galore...

I am excited... I know you are too.

This post will self destruct in 18 days. A new post, with the final track listing, will be posted on February 1st. The album and artwork will follow 28 Days Later - on February 29th.