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The Swording Beacon

!!!! A new development for the aural discovery used in the Ohming Beacon !!!!

The Swording Beacon!

Outside of the world cup qualifying games in South Korea, Adjemas sell hand held neon glow things. One of them had the Sword of Destiny. It peeked my interest because of the LEDs but I second guessed myself and tried to pass it up, but destiny, working through my awesome girlfriend, bought me the sword anyway. The world was never the same.

The sword makes the most brilliant sounds and visuals to go with them. And, by another stroke of fate, or awesomely converging coincidences, the sword modifies the sound that the top circuit made from the Ohming Beacon!

Here is the video right before it was all put together:

I finished it all in one night - I couldn't put it down. Here are some quick snapshots:

The amp cord is secured with the hand so you can get wild with it.

The same circuit from the Ohming Beacon is an extension of the hilt. It is secured with Hot Melt Glue, just like the original Beacon. It is just the perfect size for the on/off switch to sit securely on the blunt side of the blade.

The 1/8'' output, the green button that operates the sword lights, and the switch that toggles the top circuit.

Simply Awesome

Feel the Power!

It is late - Better pictures, audio, video and descriptions all to come.