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Meet "My Maker"

This is the "My Maker" guitar. The minimal aesthetic and sonic changes to it have ascended it from the realm of mere mortals into the hallowed halls of the gods.

The extended pot knob remains bare to create a whammy bar effect through body contact. Its main purpose is a pitch bend that can turn this tiny toy guitar into a powerful bass guitar or slide guitar in on simple turn. There are three other body contacts extending out of the guitar, near the pot for playability purposes, that create a number of effects from simple pitch bends, to crunchy sound mods and even some weird screaming that sounds like the soul of an electric dog burning in a sea of flaming cats.

You can here one of its many godly choruses in "The New Shoes Song" here

This guitar was one of the first truly amazing instruments we finished and it inspired some of the pieces shown earlier in the blog.