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Glitch Suit

Here are some video experiments/sketches I did a few days ago. These are just the first tests, there will be more to come, hopefully with better content. All the footage is from past projects I had lying around, just recycling old videos. The dancing thing I do apologize for cause I look like an ass but that was point of that particular project. I was doing a reinterpretation or response to The Perfect Human and as seen from the The Five Obstructions. I filmed the head torso and legs of myself dancing and had them on three stacked tvs so it was life size. Anyway, my eventual goal for this idea is to have all the original footage replaced with keyed out videos. Posterize the video into 4 colors, photoshop each frame four times (once for each color) to create a mask for each color and then re composite them back together so every color is now replaced by a different video. Sorta like animating with multiple layers of videos. Kinda hard to explain but once I photoshop a few thousand frames youll get to see the final result.

the white version with one layer (black) keyed out

The glitch version with two layers keyed out

oh and the song in the white one is crystal castles "February" and the other song is professor murder "free stress test"

check for more videos and descriptions.



The videos are super-fucking-rad Reid!

jurassic_p said...

fucking awesommmmee!!!!!