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alloverthewhere dot org

i just did some crappy ach tee am elling to get the all over the where site back up again. i definitely spent wayyy to long trying to get that color fade.

i also finally got the glitch hikers guide to the galaxy up on the vvvvvv.
as i say on aotw i suck at graphic design and html and didnt know how to present it in a easy user friendly way. it ended up being a 950kb file that is 800 pixels tall and you scroll sideways to see. if you know of a better way to present it so people can actually use it please let me know. anyways, hurrah for the free exchange of information and sharing of ideas. it really does make my heart glow happiness when i see soldering irons on peoples desks and circuit boards strewn about.

oh, and on oct 28 is the international circuit bending challenge. im doing it, who else is in? if we work together, it will be better!

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