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reel to reel stereo tape recorder archeology

or sketches with a tape recorder
or tape recorder reconfiguration remix
or How To Remix A Tape Recorder

start out frustrated (see previous post)
get archaeological
take apart tape recorder
save every screw, washer, nut, plastic, metal piece possible
salvage as many electronic components as possible
think about all the other metal parts in the machine
wonder what you can do with them
think about tim hawkinson, tom friedman, and dieter roth
try to dissasemble entire apparatus and cataloge each part
or reconstruct the entire tape machine inside out
get frustrated again with metal dust, stripped screws, grease, and cuts
drop that idea and salvage what metal pieces you can
layout all metal pieces, screws, and assorted gears
take parts and reconfigure them, using only parts from the machine, into new things
tiny sculpture thoughts, three dimensional drawings, purely aesthetic/design oriented thinking
take apart sculptures and re-reconfigure them to make new ones
add rare earth magnets for extra fun
put in box
clean up
go to sleep

in the beginning

looks like a face

guts in a box

guts out of the box

magnet and screws

again, magnet and screws

the last one, magnet and screw person

random reconfiguration

random reconfiguration

random reconfiguration

there are a few more but im really tired and my camera sucks so i will post them later. i really like playing with the rare earth magnets and the screws. i really do enjoy making small things, robots, objects, whatever. and using magnets could be a lot of fun.

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