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Strobe Light Tremolo

I got a free volume pedal from Build Your Own Clone and decided to try modify it somehow. I attached a photocell to the volume pot so now the volume can be controlled either by the pot or a light source. This may seem like a pretty silly thing to put on a volume pedal but my reasons are two fold. One is to allow ambient light effect the volume of particular instruments (for when it gets warm again and I move my set up outdoors) and the second is to try and make a strobe light/vactrol powered tremolo. Here is the video:

As you can hear the main the issue Im having is the clicking or clipping sound that happens when the volume cuts out. Not to sure how to fix that. Trimpots and resistors come to mind but I think the problem is the strobe light itself so the next test I am going to do will be with a vactrol and a pulse circuit. More to come.

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승리 괴물 said...

maybe you need a bigger photo resistor so that the volume doesnt cut out completely - that might stop the clipping