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Palmistry, the secrets thereof disclosed, or a familiar easy, and new method, whereby to iudge of the most general accidents of mans life...

...from the lines of the hand : withal its dimensions and significations. Also many perticulars added, discovering the safety and danger of women in child-bed. VVith some choice of observations of phisiognomy, and the moles of the body. As also that most useful piece of astrology (long since promised) concerning elections for every particular occasion, now plainly manifested from rational principles of art. The second time imprinted. Englished from Latin and much inlarged by the author, Richard Saunders, author of the former book of chyromancy and phisiognomy.

Cascading gated oscillators depicting chiromancy diagrams for the divination of fortune and the planets power and influence of the lives of men women and children. Metoposcopic signification drawn from electrical schematics for the interpretation of dreams, futures, and personality via the interaction of ones eyes and face and moles with Venus (copper) and Saturn (lead). The biophysical energy nexus of the body will interact with strange machines to create bio-electrical feedback emanating from sonic generative devices arranged in accordance with natural and artificial astrologie. Promised to please and delight men women and children from all across the land.

pretty much that's where I'm at right now
reading a lot of ridiculous Victorian literature about chiromancy and astrologie and some cool books about chakras
started making the gated oscillator prototypes while waiting for a huge shipment of components to arrive. Have many many (too) many ideas for this thesis show. Hopefully the main 3 three devices will be done by next week and I can start on the more specific logistic problems of presentation, installation, and power. If I can figure out a way to plug the installation into the wall, I may or may not need a donation from Duracell to power the whole thing for one weeks time. Have 3 possible solutions so hopefully one of them work.

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