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double triple gated oscillators

Taking much inspiration from Peter Vogel and schematics from Nicolas Collins book I built a pretty chaotic sounding mess of wire.

The Hex Schmitt Trigger IC allows you to make 6 simple oscillators on one chip, and when you wire 2 or more outputs together through diodes they start to interact and distort each others signal. I tired to base my design my off of images of yantras but after the first few components were soldered I realized this was not going to be a work of any sort of refinement, skill, or craftsmanship. Its extremely fragile, unstable, and sounds like a hell where the evil electronic appliances from The Brave Little Toaster go when they die.

I originally aimed to make it a self contained device with speakers integrated into the device but the little crappy toy speakers I found couldn't handle the extremely high and low frequency's the thing produced, so I had to add outputs.

audio samples coming soon

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