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The performance on Thursday at the Lab Space gallery went fantastic. The art was great, the turn out was amazing, despite the weather and far out location, and overall, the event had a wonderfully positive vibe to it. Still don't have any photos, hopefully I will get a few up here sometime this week. There was an art/mixtape trade as well, for which Colin made 5 gorgeous Frog Opera cds. Hand collage and drawn covers, all super pretty, hopefully they will entertain and/or confuse in loving new homes.

Now that the performance is over its time to pick up the neglected pieces of my remaining academic career and focus on going to all my classes (cant miss anymore after my 2 and half week "work break") and start work on my thesis show in early April. I am still torn over what to do for my thesis. For the past several months my life has been split between the physical of circuit bending, electronics, video hacking, and the digital with Max/MSP and Jitter. This blog so far has only really shown the electronics side of what I have been up too (hence the name batteries required), but Ive made a lot of progress with the digital side of things. I figured out how to turn motion into music in a very primitive way and let a Betta fish control an oscillator depending on its location in a bowl, how to mix movies in real time, and a whole bunch of super geeky technical crap. In just one week of cramming I learned a lot, and I can only imagine what I can do if I dedicated the next month to it, but some part of me just cant stop thinking about video bending, hacking instruments, and making robots out of toys. Whatever I choose to do for the next month, I will have to devote all my spare time and creative energies to it. So just in case it gets a little boring on the blog with updates about how I figured out how to fix my CFM error messages by installing an UB app into my MSP blah blah blah, Ill start posting pics, info, and hopefully sound samples of past instruments, and works. I also plan on updating the hell out so check that in the coming weeks as well for more audio and visual fun.

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