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hello, yes

A while ago I edited a video on Slovenia for a professor at Rutgers. Through editing that video I made friends with Rok and Ursa who live in the capital Ljubljana and are in this awesome band called new wave syria. They just released their first album - hello, yes - and asked me to make the cover art. This was a while ago right before NASA and I was pretty much going crazy. So I gave them a few ideas, spent literally 2 hours taking some terrible photos, and sent it off to them with an email heavily laced with apologies. Here are a few.

I like the idea but my execution is terrible. To do this I put pieces of paper on my desk and moved my desk lamp around while using my point and shoot. What I really should have done was use a nice cam, a nice light, and a studio. But sadly I dont have any of these things.

Eitherway, Ursa and Rok took the idea and did it 1000 times better than I did.

They sent me a CD and it is absolutely gorgeous. The packaging, printing, the color, everything is so well done. Oh, and the album is great, perfect music to solder to which I have done several times already. So go to the net label they started, Cheap Tunes Records, and go download the album for free! OR if you want to get the real deal and support some artists and friends across the globe, buy the cd.

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