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The Making of...

The making of the new album, Fortune Favors the Brave, has been fun, painstaking and is just short of coming to a close.

It is my pleasure to debut one of the songs from the album entitled "Dance of the Downtrodden Optimist" with a brand new music video!

The making of the video was extremely fun. A lot of the credit is owed to my girlfriend, Renae, who was half of the videoing team! - Thanks to her, I remain sane throughout this project.

Finishing the video is huge for me - the end is almost near! Expect the album in the next few weeks! Until then enjoy this preview of the preview... a few pictures from the process of the videoing.

My 2 favorite characters.

People on the subway didn't seem bothered that I gave up my seat to a plastic shark.

The frog-typed thing was a child's purse. It cost 800 won @ the Beautiful Store.

My newly obtained desk was detained for the project immediately.

...and lots of smiles were had by all.

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