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I offer many apologies for my extended absence, here is a quick run down of the past months activities

I helped Jen with her thesis in early April. Several hundred plastic bags, a phone call from the fire marshal, and a furious 24 hour finale later, it came out a total success! I will be sure to post pictures once Jen finishes her finals and has some more time on her hands. It took me 6 months to post a video of my thesis on this blog so I am in no position to hurry her.

I helped Benton-C Bainbridge on a collaboration with experimental drummer Bobby Privet called April in New York 2008. It was 5 nights of performances at a Swing Space at the South Street Seaport with a different musician/dj/artist collaborating with Bobby every night. Benton, who is a VJ, was experimenting with "video as lighting" and created different environments and configurations every evening with various lamps, gels, Xmas lights, flat screen TVs, and projectors. The whole event was filmed to be made into a DVD sometime in the future. Here are a few photos I took of the different set ups before the event started each night.

This picture is the sound check on Wednesday with Mike Pride. Probably my favorite night in terms of the music played. Mike Pride, aside from being awesome, has the most righteous mustache I have ever seen.

This is from Thursday with laptop artist Ikue Mori. Note the totally sweet flat screen TV tables we made. You can thank the magic of artists grants for making this ridiculous(ly awesome) use of expensive electronics possible.

This is from Saturday with DJ Olive when Jen helped out as well.

Before all of these events occured I had my first "real" opening at City Without Walls in Newark for their 1800frames|Take4 exhibition. I got three one minute videos in, biking, driving, and throwing. You can watch all the videos from exhibition on the cWoW website or here.

This past weekend there was Bent Fest 08 in the city. It was a fun time, but a little disappointing due to poor location and organization. Workshops that could have been incredibly informative went on to long and then were cut short before any real useful information could be obtained. This is the first year I stayed for the shows in the evening, and that too was a bit disappointing. Way to much listless boring noise. Spunky Toofers brought some much needed energy to show with his bent-hendrix-noise-flailing that melted a few faces and my favorite band of the evening was definitely Alias Pail, who rocked out some wonderful glitchy bent pop music.

Thats about it. Not many eel lock true nick things happening in the past few months, which, however unfortunate or necessary, will be corrected shortly. TONS of stuff just sitting on shelves, in harddrives, or in my brain that need to see the light of day (and by that I mean the internet), so expect some house cleaning and updates on regular!

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