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Pictures Doth Not Do Justice

There are no words that can describe the feeling that came over me when this little monster was debuted in Brooklyn, NY on June 2, 2007. I have been working on this over the past month and it is finally here to change the face of music... forever.

While it does not have an official name yet, (there will be many different names for it used throughout this post; i.e:) The Kick-Assonator is the most awesome thing imaginable in the mind of a musician. Part delay pedal, part keyboard, part vocorder, part noise maker, part smile generator, part theremin, part overdrive pedal, part chorus, part god, etc...

On one side of The Awesomeanator, 
there are two body contacts,
a high-cut filter knob,
a delay frequency knob,
the crazy switch,
and a perma-pause on switch.

On the other side, The Greaternator has
a tempa-sert on switch,
photo-there on switch,
the delayed-delay-fuzz switch,
a delay sustain knob,
an overdrive knob,
and two body contacts.

The back of The Sweetenerator features
a bypass switch,
a 1/4 inch output,
and a 1/4 inch input.

To top of The Colinator, there is
a photoresistor,
and a resistor keyboard.

There was a lot of planning and preparation that went into The Delayerator. It all started with the "My Maker" guitar, which has not been featured on the blog yet. After creating "My Maker," there were a series of toy guitars purchased through various outlets. One of them was the radical rhythm turned "HERO" (featured earlier in the blog) and another, what was once a Barbie Guitar, by accident and with a stroke of luck, transformed over(22)night(s) into the most amazing musical instrument/supplementer ever. The Supplementerator is the most awesome piece to come out of All Over the Where yet, and who knows where it will lead.

Here are some pictures of its guts:

The new delay petal/instrument was unleashed during one of the last songs
played by Man in Gray during their record release party. MiG was kind enough
to invite me to sing and play along with them. (I thought i would just end up
debuting it on the streets of New York and probably get arrested for terrorism
or something.)

All Over the Where will be releasing the first wave of the new invention over the
summer. Six limited edition, customized, Real-Name-a-Lators!

Audio samples, as well as video demonstrations, pictures of the performance, and hopefully video of the performance will be posted shortly.

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Tina said...

That is so cool. Bryan actually told me about its super powers the next day. Thanks for rocking out with us!