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effects petals

many many apologies for the month plus without a post and many many more thanks if you are still reading this. the blog is back on active status starting now, with a post on some recent effects petals (i know) me and colin have made.

the first is a voice changing toy kit that i modded and added a whole bunch of stuff to so now it you feed it sound and it spits out harsh dirty noise. different combinations of switches create different effects which you can then destroy with the duel pitch knobs, body contacts, and the photo cell. i installed an internal mic and speaker so it can be used alone, with just an input or just an output. its also first time i used a on/off led and a by pass switch, slowly making my way towards vague notions of "quality" and craftsmanship. the internals, however, are madness and i fear if i have open it up again the whole thing will explode.

a nice lil features layout

the housing is an old vhs tape case i got from a movie store when they used to sell those things. i forget if the vhs was a documentary on disasters of the 20th century or a documentary on sea creatures.

true sign of an unprofessional - messy wires

there will be audio samples once me and colin figure out how to turn cassette tapes in to computers

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