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Working on bending a video Etch-A-Sketch toy. Many many exciting possibilities with this circuit. Constantly changing fields and bands of color mixing up with grids and lines and static. Just wonderful. All bends done by touching the circuit with my fingers in different places with different amounts of pressure. Also has a cartridge bay which makes the possibilities of interface absolutely limitless. I plugged in a Sega Genesis game (Tiny Toons Adventures) and could bend the Skletch by touching the Sega game. What am going to do is put the circuit in new housing which will look pretty and safely allow the insides to be accessible. I am also working on modifying an Atari joystick so it can be plugged into the Skletch and create bends based on its movements. Other ideas for the cartridge bay is to somehow attach a real Etch-A-Sketch to create bends.

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