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I made a vow to finish the looper today, then Doom.
I custom velcrode each tape player for its special spot. When it came time to attach the alligator clips, I opened one of the tape players to fix a small connection with the wires inside. Everything still fine, all fixed and ready. Then, putting it back together, something falls out...

This is part of one of the only two switches I need on the whole thing. Each switch operates on two of these impossibly tiny things, which are impossibly close together. Well i shouldn't say impossibly, but improbably. I had a thumb's chance in a blender, and I proceeded to knock out all of them and smush two trying to fix it.

That was on the first out of eight. I somehow got myself to continue and finished the other seven fine. I am kicking myself and in desperate need of the perfect tape player! If you have information on where that one is, report it to the proper authorities. I sorta of finished, now I sorta feel like I can't go to sleep.
Almost So Close:

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