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AVR Programming Blues

I built an AVR Programmer from a kit. The electronics are definitely the easy part, but sadly not even half the battle. I have to install the firmware by booting from a Linux disc while doing all this other stuff I unfortunately dont understand. And THEN tackle that whole actual programming thing. The meat and potatoes of of it all are still way out of my reach, and it may be a while till I learn that Miso isnt a delicious Japanese soup and Mosi is not a typo of Miso. I guess I just SCK at programming. I am digging a hole in the GND with these bad programming jokes. Reset.


tomislav said...


i think i've gotten OK with using command line linux stuff. i know how to input commands and edit files through command line, as well as installing packages using various package managers. beyond that i'm not sure, but maybe i could help you out with this! its worth a shot anyway. what is it suppose to do when you're all done? shoot me an email and we can mess with i next time you're around;;; or i might be around the one eye trout man soon.

reid said...

thanks tom! will do.
and please come back to bk!