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NASA and Other Important Programs


Nasa FundRager
Newark, NJ

These are the images from my proposal when Space Camp was developing into the awesome night it turned out to be:

Here are some of the photos of the resulting suit:
(Reid can I get the ones from your camera?)

These pictures are from LNY and Jamie Bruno.

Reid and Eric Barry Drasin did awesome visuals!

More information about NASA and photos from the event can be seen at the NASA Website!


A formal apology goes out to the blog. I have been idle. When it rains, it pours and when there is a drought, life dies... I have been livin' at my mom's house, which is on the market. It has made for one of the worst situations as far as personal space and setting up any sort of ongoing work. The space suit was constantly being shoved into and out of a box: (one of the reasons the backpack was deflated by showtime.)

Anyway, I am just getting settled again after returning from Korea and the Fall 2008 Screaming Females tour. I will be moving back into New Brunswick and setting up shop. The ensuing glory of circuit bent instruments and music will be awesome.

In the meantime Reid and I are in two NYC shows:

The New York Electroacoustic Music Festival



I am excited for both of them and we will be posting stuff about those later!


Here is a picture of a performance I did on top of a public restroom in Hongdae Park, Seoul. I must say it was pretty good but not as loud as I hoped. (There is only so much you can do with a battery powered amp.) A few friends started firespinning below me and I broke into Casio Beat DJing.

El Colin - using the Swording Beacon, Awesomeator, and a Bent SK-1.

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