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Its been a while since I posted on the blog. Not because of laziness but because of business. Now is catch up time.

Here is the first half of October.

I started a large scale video sculpture project with Tomislav Butkovic. The idea came about simply enough, he had a bunch of four and half inch gutted B&W T.V.s he got from Hasan and I found a mannequin torso in the street one day, so we decided to do some simple addition and put them together.

One of the T.V.s

The entire project would need some serious fabrication to build a strong enough stand and head-piece. This meant a lot of trips to home depot.

Then there was an incredible pot luck at the warehouse in Newark.

Saw Marie and Ryans aquaponics system which is brilliant and beautiful.

My two internships collided when Benton-C played at the Harvestworks Benefit show at Galapagos in Brooklyn.

(there was an open bar, so naturally only 1 image wasnt crap out of the 20 I took)

Lenny organized a Box Wars Melee at Eyebeam, which could be one of the best days EVER. Check his site for more amazing images and video.
My costume was modeled with Katamari in mind and had TWO faces. One you could see normally, and a secret face that you would only if I was about to kill you.

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