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Summer Recap

In no particular order:

The end of interactivos? and the Double Take exhibition

our e p i c wiki page is here

All Points West:


Girl Talk


I made a stop motion video using GSV AppleScript.

Lenny found the code and I put it into action. This is just a preliminary test, we will be pursuing this idea and many others in the near future.

I made an Arduino blink a few LEDs. Spending a few hours a day learning how to program this thing.

Introductions 4 in Washington DC is over.

Thank you Peter for making DC a wonderful time!

**lighting bolt** SPRINGTEENICA!!! **lighting bolt**
A cover band that covers Metallica covering Bruce Springsteen.
Jen came up with the greatest bar trivia night team name/band name e v e r.

Jeb made this incredible poster/album cover, now all we need is the band.

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jurassic_p said...

i'd like to get participation points for coming up with the name in relation to the awesome flyer that was named!
new muppet flesh?