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finished for now

Finished the Tremolo build.

Unfortunately I didnt do anything with the housing because I was to impatient and just wanted to get soldering. Even though the plain unfinished metal has its own aesthetic, I decided to start covering it with some felt I had lying around. The googly eyes were also lying around and fit too perfectly to resist.

My real plans are to make a vest or "coat" (?) for the pedal out of felt. Its going to be one piece of felt with holes cut where the knobs, LED, and jacks are, and wrap around the pedal. I can then glue and sew things onto this base. There will be velcro on the back for a snug fit and so I can change the batt trees. More on that as I begin my trial and error process of cutting and sewing.


El Colin said...

Its a Face!

yo it would be awesome if you had different interchangeable 'coats' for the petal like outfits - you mentioned velcro... when one 'outfit' wear down or it is a formal occasion another could replace the one on there - dont glue anything till you have thought about this 'barbie's clothing' theory of casing/decoration**

**outfits sold seperately...

reid said...

hahahaha i will most definitely make a tux for it