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Brave, But Not Stupid

Although all of us have probably had to dumb ourselves down a bit over the past 7 years, we can at least take away lessons from G.W. Bush's mistakes. The lesson applied here is that if necessary, previous comments and commitments must be amended to adjust for current situations. Due to new developments in sound, storyline and production,

the new album, 'Fortune Favors the Brave' will not be released on the original date of 2/29/08.

It would be a glorious date to release on, but it was even ambitious to presume completion by the 29th, and that was before more ideas started to develop.

The album, will most likely be released in March, if not, in April.

The reasons are as follows:

1. The sound, although aesthetically fit, can still be improved through editing.

2. The album is a concept album. It fits to a story and the story and artwork must be presented properly. To this date, the artwork and finished story are not completed.

3. The album will now be co-released with a DVD of videos for songs on the album! The videos are yet to be completed.

The goal of the release is to be accessible, sensible, artistic and supportive.

The written story, 2D art and Sonic pieces of the album will be released for free online!

The DVD and some limited edition CDs will be released as the physical manifestation of the album and will be available through members of All Over the Where.

Until Next Time...

Be Brave!

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