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coleco bending

I started bending the Coleco Vision plug n play video toy I got an amazing yard sale a few weeks ago (3 of them for 2 bucks each!!!).

These are the things I learned.
-It only has sports games--> Base/Basket/Foot/Raquet Ball, Soccer, and Hockey
-The graphics are definitely Coleco Vision quality pixels and colors
-If I apply a jewelers screw driver to a certain components I can pick up a pretty clear radio signal
-Short circuiting and crossing connections on the main chip create all sorts of glitches
-You can still play the games while glitching out the game
-Some glitches will freeze the game but still allow more glitches
-Sometimes the freezes become covered in a single color, usually green, causing the whole screen/image to break down
-Connecting the component that causes radio transmission with the main microchip create feedback of different tones depending on where on the chip the connection is made
-Batt tree deprivation bends work but only freezes the game first then deteriorates the images on screen till its all black. Use a 1k pot, turn slowly.
-If batt tree power is lessened during the opening game animation of the exploding football helmets, it will freeze on that scene of the explosion and repeat the exploding sound. The batt tree bend will then degrade the quality of the exploding sound.

This is a video of some glitching, which shows that you can still play the game while bent, the buzzing tones are the feedback, and the random speaking and singing is the radio signals the toy is picking up.

This is a video of bat tree deprivation bend that causes the beginning explody sound to loop.

Please forgive the quality of the videos and photos, they are all done rather hastily. I will post a better quality comprehensive demo of the possible glitches in the near future.

NearFuture plans:
-Wire out to 4x4 patch bay with intensity controls for each row
-Audio Responsive????????
-Wire out to keyboard so playing a keyboard will create glitches and activate a corresponding tone of feedback
-Interface with one of the sports the game has to create glitch (use a soccer ball to create glitches, or a racquet ball racket {or is it a paddle?}, etc)

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